What to Do in Zanzibar

What to Do in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a beautiful set of islands full of sprawling cities. Cities can be small island cities or full of mazes of alleys to get lost exploring in. You can see white, sandy beaches and palm trees side by side with history that you won’t see anywhere else. If you find yourself longing for a romantic, movie-like getaway, head for Zanzibar and then look at this list of what to do in Zanzibar to plan out your days. You will want to know where you’re headed when you leave your beach-front hotel.

Stone Town


This is also known as Mij Mkonhwe. It is the oldest part of Zanzibar City. In this area you will find a lot of coastline so you can enjoy the white, sandy beaches or you can explore the many stores and restaurants that you will find in the small alleys that maze the town. This is a very old part of the town and there is a lot of history to be found here. Locals are friendly and enjoy sharing their lives and culture with tourists who stop to talk with them.

Nungwi Beach


Even though it is technically classified as a village, Nungwi is actually the second-largest village in Zanzibar. The beaches of Nungwi are known for being the most beautiful on the island and you won’t regret stopping to lay on the soft sands to soak up some sun or to splash in the warm waters for a bit. Just don’t get lost in the foamy surf and forget there are other things to take in while you are in Zanzibar.

Prison Island


Also known as Changuu, named for the fish popular around the island, it was once home to a prison for slaves, hence its other name, Prison Island. You can see their population of endangered giant tortoises, which the island is known for. These tortoises were originally a gift from a British governor.

Spice Tour


Spice farms are a large part of life in Zanzibar. They have shaped the history of the islands and created much of the colorful culture that you can experience there today. Many farms offer spice tours that you can take to literally taste this interesting past that has shaped the modern lives of the people who live and breathe Zanzibar today. Walk the farm, enjoy meeting other tourists as well as the locals who work the farms, and eat a great meal made using the spices grown right at the farm. You can usually even purchase spices to bring home and cook your own amazing dishes.

Zanzibar is a place like no other. It has a rich past that has shaped a culture that is both modern and steeped in history. You can experience a romantic getaway or go there just to enjoy the beaches, nature, and the history. Whatever reason you have for traveling to Zanzibar, you are sure to enjoy your trip and you will want to not only share your experiences with friends and family but go back to experience it again and again.

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