What to Do in the Bahamas

What to Do in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are a popular destination for travelers wishing to relax on white sandy beaches and soak up some Vitamin D packed sun. Getting there by cruise ship means you may be limited in the attractions you can visit while off-ship. However, flying there means you can visit many more places and plan your own trip. No matter which option you choose, make sure you know what to do in the Bahamas when you have some vacation time to spare!

Artastra Gardens, Zoo, and Conservation Centre


This centre was established in 1937 by renowned horticulturist Hedley Vivian Edwards of Jamaica. They focus on conservation of local species and are a popular tourist destination. They are home to around 200 animals. Their most frequented attraction are the flamingos.

Blue Lagoon Island


Blue Lagoon Island is privately owned but that doesn’t stop it from being a popular attraction for tourists. It is 3 miles out from Nassau so it is easy to get to and many boat tours frequent it. It was a frequent stopover for pirates back in the day who gathered salt here to help preserve their food on board for long journeys.

Fort Fincastle


Lord Dunmore built this fort, construction completed in 1793, atop Society Hill. It overlooks Nassau so it was in perfect position for battle. Once it was no longer needed for that purpose, it was turned into a lighthouse and then a signal station.

Fort Charlotte


This fort was also built by Lord Dunmore but it never saw battle. It was built shortly after the American Revolution and overlooks Nassau’s busy harbor. This British-colonial era fort is a popular stop for many tourists as it is still in very good condition and is perfect for picture-taking.

National Art Gallery of the Bahamas


This gallery was established specifically to chronicle the history of the Bahamas and focuses on the era since it first became an independent nation. The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas was founded in 1996 in the historic Villa Doyle which was built in the 1860’s.

Dean’s Blue Hole


Being the 2nd deepest blue hole in the world that is both salt water and has an entrance that is below sea level, Dean’s Blue Hole is a mecca for free divers. If you are looking for a challenge, this blue hole has a depth of 202 meters and is located of Long Island.

Pirates of Nassau


Pirates in the Caribbean had their hey-day from 1690 to 1720. During this time, Nassau was one of the most popular stops for pirates and many of them considered it a pirate’s heaven on land. The Pirates of Nassau museum offers a history of Nassau’s role in pirate history and is perfect for the whole family.

When you think of the Bahamas you might think of all-inclusive resorts and those white, sandy beaches with lounge chairs and umbrellas. However, there is much more to explore in the Bahamas if you get out and about. Visit the places featured here and get more out of your vacation to the Bahamas.

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