What to do in Manila, Philippines

What to do in Manila, Philippines

Manila is one of the biggest and most bustling cities of Southetast. Packed with a wide variety of cultures and cuisines, it has something for everyone. If you can get around some of its crazy traffic then you have to check out some of our top recommendations for what to do in Manila, Philippines.



Like many places, Manilla is more a collection of cities than just one big city. Makati is one of the fanciest places in town and where you find the biggest malls and some of the best restaurants. It is a shopper's paradise and a great way to escape some of those incredibly hot days. You can literally just cruise from mall to mall. 

The Dampa Experience


Dampa means fish market, but Manila has the king of them all. At the Dampa, you cruise around and pick out some of the best local collections. Then they bring it over to one of the restaurants nearby and cook it up anyway you like. This is one of the best introductions to fantastic Filipino food. 

Fort Santiago


The Philippines actually get there name from having been a Spanish colony. For three hundred years, Spain controlled the island nation from thousands of miles aways. Those days are gone, but some of the architecture and legacy remains. One of the best places to explore that history is Fort Santiago where you can see history come to life. 

Van Gogh is Bipolar


It is always fun to see some of the quirky and weird sides of the city and Van Gogh is Bipolar lives up to its strange name. Explore this artistic cafe and see some truly unique art and other creations. It also features some great food and just a great place to mix it up with some of the locals. 


National Museum of the Filipino People


This is where you go to learn some serious history. A beautifully contructed neo-classical building, the National Museum houses the treasures and artifacts of the people who have lived on these islands for thousands of years. It is where you go to discover things that can only be found in one place on earth. 

Manila has so much going on that it is going to take you weeks to explore all of its ins and outs. So don't just go there as way to transit over to the beaches and islands but really dig in and explore it. It is a unique city with such fascinating cultures, you will forget all about wanting to go somewhere else! 

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