What to Do in Malaga, Spain

What to Do in Malaga, Spain

There is so much more to Malaga, Spain than the high-rises, resorts and tourist-filled beaches. With a strong mix of history, culture, and the modern, you can see so much of the past and how it has influenced Malaga’s present through a vacation filled with destination stops. These 7 things will give you a glimpse into Malaga’s culture and leave you wanting to come back for more. Wondering what to do in Malaga, Spain? Let’s take a look!

Costa del Sol


Costa del Col literally means “Sun Coast” or “Coast of the Sun” and it was named as such because of the seemingly endless amounts of sunshine this area sees. Lay back on the soft sands and soak up some of that sun for yourself. 



Built by the Hammudid dynasty early in the 11st century, this huge fortification, also used as a palace, was destroyed in a devastating earthquake in 1522. It was never rebuilt to be used again but it can still be seen looking over the city of Malaga and it can be toured by visitors so you can get a glimpse of life throughout the ages. 

Museo Picasso Malaga


Malaga, Spain is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and in 2003, the Museo Picasso Malaga was built to honor the world-famous artist. There are almost 300 pieces of artwork at the museum that have been donated by the Picasso family. 

Malaga Cathedral


This cathedral, modeled in the Renaissance architectural style, is Roman Catholic and a major attraction in Malaga for several reasons. People love to stop to take pictures and to see the beautiful architecture, but some just love to stop to pay their respects at a stunning cathedral. 

Mercado Central Atarazaras


If you want to sample home-grown and homemade foods, visit tapas bars, and see the hustle and bustle of a local market, this is one of the biggest in the area. You will be able to taste everything that Malaga has to offer all in one convenient location. 

Plaza de toros de la Malagueta


Since 1876, this bullring has been designated as a cultural center of Spain. You can see where many bullfights have taken place and still do, plus you can learn much about bull fighting and how it became to be such a stable of Spanish culture. 

Castillo Gibralfaro


You can walk the fortified walls of this Moorish castle that sits high atop Mount Gibralfaro. There are tours available for visitors and you can see much of Malaga below from the castle. The views are stunning but the history of the castle is eye-opening. 

Malaga is a beautiful city with a wonderful mix of history and modern life. Its history has influenced modern life and that history is still so prevalent in much of life today from the way you can see the castles on the hilltops to how religion and bullfighting exist side by side with contemporary conveniences like internet cafes, smartphones and modern restaurants. Malaga, Spain is one place you will want to visit and if you do, make sure you stop by these 7 places. 

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