What to do in London, England

What to do in London, England

London is one the top tourist destinations in the world. It is where the past meets present and you where you set off into Europe. Whether you are looking for medieval treasures or modern pleasures, we’ll show you what to do in London, England for a bloody good time.

Buckingham Palace


Quite possibly the famous place in the world, Buckingham Palace has been delighting visitors for years. Get a taste of British royalty, and maybe even a glimpse at Queen Elizabeth II, one of the longest serving monarchs in history. Buckingham Palace is truly massive. It is filled with so many rooms, gardens and passageways that it will make your head spin.

Piccadilly Square


Get ready for food and fun in this bustling, urban hotspot. London’s equivalent of Times Square, this destination is where you go for an authentic English experience. Did I hear someone say “Fish and Chips?” 

Big Ben


What can be more authentic than this? When most of us picture London, this is the first thing that comes to mind. And for good reason to, it is the right outside Parliament. Wait for the right moments, and you just might hear the historic bell ring its merry tune. This is a great spot for you to bust out those selfie sticks and take some photos that you’ll never forget.

Tower of London


What’s more British than castles and fortresses? Ignite your medieval imagination by taking a trip through this legendary building that has been there for nearly 800 years. You can truly get a sense of what it was like in the ancient times when King Arthur and his knights protected the country from danger.

The British Museum


The British Museum features a truly magnificent collection of things collected from all over the world during the heyday of British imperialism. Get a peek at the legendary Rosetta Stone which helped scholars translate between ancient Greek and Egyptian allowing them a look into a lost world. Afterworld, check out the Elgin Marbles which is a collection of statues from ancient Greece. The British Museum is a one-stop shop for viewing the world’s treasures.

An American Twist on Britain: NFL in London


American football traces its heritage to a host of British games that preceded it. Well, if you happen to be in London during the fall, you can watch American football’s return to the land of its ancestors. The sport is growing in popularity in the country and there is a good chance there will even be an NFL team based in London sometime in the next decade.

London is the center of UTC or coordinated universal time. All the time zones start plus or minus hours from UTC. With Big Ben tick, tocking away you can be certain that it is never a bad time to travel to this wonderful city. So whether you want to grab your jersey and play some footie (soccer) or just stroll down to the pub, you’ll find what you are looking for in London.

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