What to Do in Hawaii

What to Do in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the top tourist destinations in America and in the world! There is a reason why it tops most people’s dream vacation list—because it is a little slice of paradise on earth. Whether you are heading there for a honeymoon, group trip or just a little solo travel, the short guide will be your best friend in helping you understand what to do in Hawaii

Surf’s Up


Hawaii’s beaches are simply stunning. The birthplace of surfing and its capital, even if you don’t shred the waves, you need to go down to check out some of the frequent competitions going on there. This is where the pro surfers tests their skills against some truly monstrous waves. It is truly a sight to see. Word of advice to all the beginners, hit some of the calmer beaches before testing your skills on the big stuff!

Back to the Beaches


Not all of Hawaii’s beaches are huge waves crashing just off the shore. Some of them are quite placid and great places for swimmers looking to enjoy some warm water relaxing. Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities. Enjoy the extensive coastlines and beautiful sunsets with a beverage in hand. 

Volcanos, Lava, and Craters


Most people know that Hawaii is actually the creation of volcanic activity. One of the only states that is actively getting larger, the Hawaiian Islands are teeming with interesting geological features. What’s most fascinating than lava streams? Check out one of the awesome volcano tours and really get a sense of how these islands were formed. 

Helicopter Tour


There is no better way to get a look at the islands than a helicopter tour. It is a truly a wonderful experience. Much of Hawaii is actually nature reserve or areas that are otherwise difficult to access. You’ll be able to see incredible views, rainbows, double rainbows and more. Bonus fact: Hawaii is where they filmed Jurassic Park. Try to get the theme song out of your head as your cruising above the land of the dinosaurs. 

Luaus and Other Cultural Experiences


Most Americans don’t realize the Hawaii was an independent nation and has an extensive history and culture. Hawaiians pride themselves on their culture and it is something you must experience when you go to the islands. Get a sense of what it was like in the old days by attending some fun luaus along with some of the other great things to do learn about

There is a reason why everyone is trying to go to Hawaii. Because it has everything you are looking for. It is an incredible environment with year-round warm weather, gorgeous beaches, fantastic food and a fascinating culture. So break out of the rut of your usual routine and head to one of the greatest vacation spots on earth. 

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