What to Do in Berlin, Germany

What to Do in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is truly an interesting city. An old city that dates back nearly a millennia, it has seen some fascinating history. Whether you are looking to stroll through historic districts, enjoy the huge variety of museums or experience the incredible food and nightlife, this short guide will help you figure out exactly what to do in Berlin, Germany.

The Berlin Wall


There are few pieces of architecture as famous and symbolic as the wall that divided the city for thirty years. Although major parts of it have been tore down that are still long stretches that you can walk around. It is a chance to encounter history up and close and personal and see how the city has been working to heal itself since it was put back together again.

Museum Island


This is an opportunity to experience some of the beauty of classical Europe. It offers fantastic views of the city and its waterways and is home to a complex of museums that were dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The museums also feature items that cannot be found anywhere else on earth.

Street Food Thursday


This isn’t just for foodies, it’s for all those who love to eat. Street Food Thursday is the king of all food events in Berlin. Up to 5,000 people attend this week and you can sample classic German foods as well as delicacies from all over the world. Best of all you can satisfy you thirst with famous German beers from brewers big and small.

Bar Jeder Vernunft


Travel back in time to the 1920’s style classic cabaret. Whether you are a drinker or not, this is just a great place to get that old school vibe. They also host a variety of cabaret and comedy shows that are so entertaining that you won’t even care if you cannot understand Germany. Just be sure to show up there early as the place as a tendency to fill up quick.

The Reichstag


This is just a classic German building that has seen so much history since its opening in 1894. History buffs will be able to spend hours cruising hoping to listen in on government meetings and other official business. Even if you aren’t a big fan of politics, it’s one of the places you have to go to truly get a fully rounded experience in Germany.

Although Berlin may not get as much hype as some of its sisters cities like Frankfurt or Hamburg, it is truly a unique place to really get a sense of the country. This is really just the surface so see if you find some friends along the way to show you some secret spots. It should be easy, many locals speak English there so you should be able to do that in no time all. Let us know what you plan to do on your trip to Berlin in the comments below.

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