What to Do in Beijing, China

What to Do in Beijing, China

Beijing is the capital city of the largest country on here. Its history dates back nearly three thousand years and it’s a place where modernity meets ancient culture. There is so much to do that you can spend weeks in the city and still barely scratch the surface. Well, whether you a few days or few months, this guide will make sure you know what to do in Beijing, China.

The Great Wall


Although this technically isn’t in the city, it’s a short drive away and you absolutely must go there. The Great Wall is one of the most famous things ever constructed and a great way to get an introduction into Chinese history. Most hotels will be able to schedule a tour and the best way to enjoy it is getting dropped off in one spot and picked up further along later in the day.

The Forbidden City


The name alone inspires mystery. This was the site of the Chinese imperial palace for 500 years and full of historic buildings and the birthplace of an architecture that spread across Asia. It is also the most visited art museum in the world. The Forbidden City isn’t always open so be sure to book ahead.

Wangfujing Market


After all that walking around, you are going to be ready for something to eat. Here you can sample delicacies from all across China. Some of the things you can try include silk worms, starfish and snake as well as your more usual food. You can also get a huge amount of shopping done because the food market is connected a giant pavilion on stores selling everything you can imagine.

The Grand Canal


Long before automobiles and trains, the best way to get around was through the canals of Beijing. These canals helped the Chinese Empire stay connected and transports goods and people across huge distances. Taking a ride on the Grand Canal is a great way to get a feel for how people used to travel while also seeing some unique parts of the city.

Chaoyang District


China’s history is incredible. But it is also a 21st century city with technology, infrastructure, restaurants and bars that can rival any place on earth. After you have had you fun with history, head over here for all the excitement you can handle. The 798 Art Zone is particularly great and many consider it to be the center point of contemporary Chinese art.

A lot of people use Beijing as a transit point and hit just the major tourist attractions before heading out somewhere else. Try to spend at least a week there if you can because after you had your fill of the normal sights and sounds, you can dig into an incredible maze where old meets new in a pulsing capital city that never goes to sleep.

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