What is Uber?

What’s All the Fuss About?

For a long time, transportation options were limited. We had the same options for many years. If you wanted to get around farther than walking distance, you didn’t have many options.

You could use your own car, but for some, the cost of owning one was simply out of reach due to monthly car payments, gas, maintenance, insurance etc. You could use public transportation, but in many areas, the route options and frequencies were extremely limited. Then you had the option of a taxi.

Taxis do not have the route and time restrictions of public transportation, but getting a taxi isn’t exactly an easy experience. You must call into a call center who then dispatches a car to you. You aren’t directly interacting with the driver when you order, and you never really know the price of your trip until the end.

Then... Along Came Uber

So what is Uber? Uber basically took the model used by taxi companies, then changed all the aspects that were confusing or inconvenient. 

tablet app woman hand ipad

Uber entered the world in the age of technology. So, they decided that since no one likes making phone calls anymore, they would make an app that allowed you to order a ride. You simply go on the app, put in your location and destination and order your ride.

And gone are the days of ridiculously confusing pricing. When you order a taxi, you pay a certain amount for the first mile, then another about for each additional eighth of a mile. How confusing is that? You never want to do the math and the final price is always a surprise.

How does Uber pricing work?

Uber makes it simple.  When you order your ride on the app, after putting in your location and destination, it displays the price. The price is shown before you even confirm the ride. No surprises, just straightforward pricing.

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Uber also simplified the issue of payment, because come on no one carries cash nowadays. So how do you pay? On the App! And even better, Uber is often cheaper than a taxi!

Uber drivers are also much different than taxi drivers.  Unlike taxi drivers, Uber drivers are independent contractors. When you call an Uber, they do not pick you in a yellow car owned by the company. Instead, they arrive in their own vehicle.

Where does Uber operate?

Uber operates in 580 cities around the world. So no matter where you are, you can simply use your Uber app to order a ride. No more hunting down the number for the local taxi service.

So what can Uber improve on?

While Uber has made major leaps in the transportation industry, it is not without its flaws. Uber set out to allow you to ride cashless, but their drivers are still considered to be members of the service industry and it is customary to tip them. But, you are unable to do this using the app, you can only tip using cash which many feels defeats the cashless concept.

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Still, some prefer to use cash due to lack of credit card or being unwilling to share the information online for privacy. With Uber, this is not an option. So, even though Uber may still have a few kinks to work out, it is a much-needed addition to the transportation industry and worth trying out.


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