What is Travel Insurance?

Most people don’t know what travel insurance is or how important it could be to their trips if they were to use it. It may be worth the investment even if you only travel sporadically. If you haven’t already researched travel insurance you may want to know what it is in case you want it for your next trip, whether it is long or short, as it may protect you. So, what is travel insurance?

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What is Travel Insurance?

  • Medical Expenses
    • If you get hurt while on your trip, your travel insurance can cover the medical expenses that you incur while on your trip. This can cover a lot of the claims that most people end up submitting for travel insurance coverage. You never know what accidents may happen while you are away on vacation or business travel and you might want to be covered, just in case.
  • Trip Cancellation
    • What do you do if your flight is cancelled and it ends up ruining other parts of your trip and it costs you a lot of money? Travel insurance, if this is covered in your plan, can cover these expenses.
  • Flight Accident
    • No one wants to think that your flight might be in an accident. However, if it is and you are injured, you want to know that you have extra protection. Plus, if the worst should happen, you want to know that your family has financial protection as well.
  • Lost Luggage
    • What happens if you get to your destination and you find out that your luggage didn’t make it? You end up having to spend a lot of your trip finances getting new clothes and other accessories. If you have travel insurance, your insurance can help you cover that cost.

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What isn't Travel Insurance?

  • Pre-existing Conditions
    • If you already had a medical condition or injury prior to your trip, your travel insurance isn’t going to cover the injury once you get to your vacation. This is something that most insurances have written into their contracts so be aware.
  • Not Every Trip Cancellation is Covered
    • Be sure to talk to your insurance agent about what trips will and will not be covered before you actually leave for your trip so that you are aware of what you can and cannot submit a claim for. If your trip isn’t covered, your insurance agent will let you know when you try to submit a claim for it.
  • Exclusions
    • There will always be exclusions written into your insurance contract. If you don’t ask your agent about them or they don’t tell you about them, you won’t know they exist. Be sure to know what they are so that you know what will and won’t be covered before you leave. If you think you might need extra protection, you can always opt for better coverage.

Travel insurance protects you in case something happens during your trip that you can’t avoid and can’t predict. It even covers you in case the worst should happen. You may want to talk to a travel insurance agent to find out how much travel insurance costs to see if it is something you may want to invest in the next time you travel.

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