Carsharing with Blablacar

Carsharing with Blablacar

With all the travel expenses from the hotel room to tourist attractions, it’s understandable if you are looking for ways to spare a little money – and carsharing is a great way to cut down on your travelling costs.

What is Carsharing?

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Carsharing offers the option for drivers and travellers to connect. You can either offer a drive to somewhere for a cheaper price than a regular bus or train, or look for a lift somewhere.

  • For the drivers, it can largely cut the cost of gas money, and if you are a sociable person who wouldn’t mind others joining you on your journey in exchange for a little money, it’s the perfect option for you.
  • For travellers, carsharing is a way to spare money on bus or even plane tickets and get to a place for a couple of dollars. It’s especially cost-effective if you are a group of 2 or 3 (so you can divide the price). It can also be a last-minute solution if you would like to get to a place but missed out on bus tickets.

Besides the financial benefits, carsharing is also a great way to meet new people and socialize with them through your journey!

The Carsharing Ettiquete

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Just like couchsurfing, carsharing ties together inexpensive and fun at the same time, but it’s important to be cautious if you decide to try out carsharing. The advantages of carsharing are clear, whether you are the one looking for a lift or offering one.

  • If you are joining others in a car journey and you are not an owner, make sure to be extremely polite and kind, yet careful. Since they are offering you a favour for a largely discounted price, be talkative and fun! You probably shared a few messages first before arranging the drive, so you already have a few information about each other. If other travellers are joining you as well, stay sociable and open-minded.
  • If you are the car owner, driving someone else, don’t be afraid to ask a few questions at first. Make sure everything is going as planned and that there is no confusion about the length of the journey, the destination and the price. Don’t forget to ask about suitcases and any other luggage to avoid misunderstandings. Try to learn as many details as possible about the traveller so you can both be 100% comfortable throughout the journey.

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Choosing a Trusted Company – BlaBlaCar

Either ways, staying safe and getting to the destination in time is really important, so we recommend choosing a trusted online platform that connects drivers and travellers together. BlaBlacar is like a traveller, mixed version of Airbnb and Couchsurfing: you can select an exact date, a destination and a departure place (whether you are driving or looking for a lift). Once you entered the details, the site gathers all the matches of drivers leaving that day with prices, and you can start searching for the ideal ride!

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With the right amount of planning, and a bit of creativity, you can easily have a fun car ride with the help of carsharing while saving money! Although it’s a new concept, it is definitely worth trying.

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