Top 8 Travel Hacks

Top 8 Travel Hacks

Hacks always make life easier. That’s why we incorporate them into our daily lives. These top 8 travel hacks will make your next trip – short or long, close to home or far away – much, much easier on you. If you’ve ever travelled, you probably came across some hacks on your own. However, these ones are tried and true and probably not ones you have come up with on your own. These are our own travel hacks you have to try to believe.

Put a Dryer Sheet in Your Luggage


People put dryer sheets almost everywhere to keep things fresh smelling clean. Next time you travel, try putting one in your luggage so that when you pull your clothes out when you get to your destination, they are fresh and clean as well.

Roll Your Clothes When Packing


Most people fold their clothes neatly when packing a suitcase. However, if you roll them, you not only reduce wrinkles, but it saves space. Try it next time and see what we mean.

Store Jewelry in a Pill Case


Storing jewelry when traveling can be a nightmare. Next time you travel, try placing each item of jewelry into the individual boxes in a pill case to keep them from getting tangled and lost with other items in your luggage.

Store Small Electronic Wires in Glass Cases


Have spare cases for your glasses? Wrap wires for electronics such as earbuds and phone charging cables neatly and place them in your glass cases to find them easily and keep them from tangling.

Fold Soap in a Washcloth


To keep soap from coming into contact with other items and getting them, well, soapy, you can wrap it in a washcloth. This also saves space since you won’t have to carry a soap container that is usually bulky and you can’t use it for anything except holding your soap. Your washcloth plays double-duty.

Wrap Shoes in a Shower Cap


Shoes can have grunge on the bottom that can make clothes and other items dirty when you pack them. If you place a shower cap on the bottom of them, you keep the dirt off other items.

Use FourSquare


FourSquare is useful for many things but I bet you didn’t know that you could find passwords to Wi-Fi locations around your destination? Many visitors to places you are heading have already listed the Wi-Fi passwords to places you may stop during your trip.

Bring a Power Strip


Are you always looking for an outlet at the airport or train station? Bring a power strip and not only do you guarantee that you will be able to plug in your phone, laptop and other electronics, but you will save the day for other travelers as well.

Bonus Hack


When you are traveling, you always end up with change in the currency of the location you are at. You most likely won’t be able to do much with the change when you exchange for your home currency like you can the bills. Why not hand the coins to some local homeless and make their day a bit brighter?

Traveling becomes a bit easier when you use hacks to save time, save money, and make your time spent at your destination a lot brighter when you leave.

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