What to Do in San Salvador, El Salvador

San Salvador is the capital city of El Salvador and is also its biggest city. People from all over the country, and beyond, travel to this epicenter of culture, this hub of education. This city has much to offer those who enjoy both history and beautiful environmental surroundings. Are you looking for what to do in San Salvador, El Salvador? Look no further because this list of top 8 things to do in San Salvador will get you started on the right path around the city.

Iglesia El Rosario


Some have called this church “the finest in Central America” and once you step inside you may just feel the same way. The rainbow of natural light that cascades in upon the altar and pews is a wonderful sight to see indeed and if you miss this on your trip? You will regret it.

National Palace


The original National Palace was completely destroyed by a fire in 1889 but was built in 1870. The current one was built in 1911. The four main rooms each has a distinctive color and houses a different part of the political house. The 101 secondary rooms are each used for different reasons at different times.

Joya de Ceren Archeological Park


This area was inhabited by Mayans as early as 1200 BCE but evacuated around 200 AD due to the eruption of a nearby volcano. Around 200 years later, it was inhabited again. We know all of this because of what is being found at this archeological dig site.

Parque Nacional El Boqueron


You can visit this park with a hefty hike as it is on top of San Salvador volcano. The views from this park are amazing and definitely worth the trek to get there. Enjoy a picnic with friends or family as you take in the beautiful surroundings.

Basilica Sagrado Corazon de Jesus


You will enjoy the picturesque beauty of this centuries-old church. It has been wonderfully maintained and restored over the years so you can enjoy it the way others have centuries ago. Take pictures, take in the beauty.

Museo Nacional de Antropologia


The archeological and historical artifacts found at this museum give visitors a glimpse of the Salvadoran history. You can see much of what life was like in pre-historic times up to the modern era.

Tin Marin Children’s Museum


There is a collection of interactive exhibits for children ranging from the smaller kids to older ones who need more to stimulate their imaginations. The staff are friendly and love to help the kids learn about the culture of San Salvador whether they are local or visiting from afar.

Lake Ilopango


This lake is the second largest in San Salvador and borders two other countries. It is a crater lake, formed by a volcano. It is a popular tourist destination but is frequented by locals as well. The biggest event here is the annual air show that people watch from the beaches.

El Salvador, San Salvador has a lot to offer tourists from learning about the local culture, the rich history, or exploring the beautiful surrounding environment. No matter what you love to do when you travel to new and exotic places, you will be able to do it here.

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