Ryanair: Low Cost and Low Frills

If you are from America, you may not be familiar with Ryanair as it only operates in Europe, Africa, and the middle East.

Ryanair is very popular in Europe because of its very affordable flights, not to mention the many flight options. They fly to over 200 different destinations, with over 1800 flights leaving daily.

But Ryanair's real selling point for most passengers is its extremely low price point compared to other companies. Many people chose Ryanair because their average fare is only 32 euros, that is less than half the average of their next lowest competitor and less than a third of a standard ticket.


So how is Ryanair so cheap?

After all it seems that their ticket prices would barely cover the cost of fuel, maintenance and paying the staff. Does the company even make a profit?

You may be surprised to know that not only are they turning a profit, but they are quickly becoming one of the most profitable airlines in the industry. Last year alone, Ryanair turned an annual profit of over a billion dollars.

Ryanair works by using a different business model then standard airlines. When you fly with Ryanair, you are paying only for the flight. All other fees are basically “a la carte”. These are fees that other airlines likely would include in the ticket price.

So if you want to check a bag, for example, you will be charged an additional fee. You are also expected to print your own boarding pass.They also cut out other expenses, such as offering complimentary food and beverages aboard the flight.

So, while Ryanair does offer many of the same services of other airlines, they also offer the option to forego these options. If you are not going to be checking a bag, Ryanair will not charge you for this service meanwhile many other companies will build the price into the ticket whether you use the service or not.


Is Ryanair worth it?

Ryanair does not have the highest reputation when it comes to comfort or customer service, but the reality is that is not why people are choosing to fly with them.

But of your only concern is getting a flight from point A to point B and are not concerned with any add ons or amenities, then Ryanair is for you. Sure, it may not be the most extravagant trip you have ever taken but it will certainly fit the budget.

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