Pros & Cons of Staying at a Hostel

Pros & Cons of Staying at a Hostel

Many people hold stereotypes of what hostels are and what it is probably like to stay in them. Let’s clarify some things about hostels so that you know what it is like for yourself. You may choose to incorporate one into your next trip, or you may not, but at least you have a better picture of what they are. Here are the pros and cons of staying at a hostel.

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  • Location
    • Most hostels have prime locations so that you are pretty much right where you want to be without paying the high prices of a luxury hotel. You usually have quick access to all the city’s transportations avenues as well.
  • Price
    • You can’t beat the prices at hostels. They are always much, much cheaper than regular hotels. Most are less than $45. Some as low as $15 a night. Compare that to a regular hotel and you have a lot more money to spend on activities and meals for your vacation.
  • Social Life
    • Because there are a lot more people running in and out of hostels, you end up meeting a lot more people. Sometimes you can even meet people you can go on excursions into the city with if you are both planning the same things.
  • Services
    • Most hostels include a lot more amenities than regular hotels. Full service kitchens, included Wi-Fi at no charge, and no-charge laundry facilities are just a few that you might find in your hostel.

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  • No Personal Space
    • Hostels are usually very crowded places and you are sharing space with other people. You don’t get your own private room like at a hotel. So you aren’t going to get any personal space. This can also make it somewhat difficult to sleep if your roommates don’t go to sleep at the same time as you or come in at all hours.
  • Lack of Locals
    • If you are trying to meet locals on your trip to get a feel for the place, you aren’t going to find it at a hostel. You are going to be surrounded by a lot of other travelers, from all over the world, and this is going to make it much harder to meet locals.
  • Party Houses
    • Because these other travelers may be in the city to enjoy nightlife, they may be “party animals” and bring the party back to the hostel. You may be brought into the party if you are willing but if not, you may have to put up with their antics.
  • Shared Bathroom
    • If you don’t like sharing a bathroom with a lot of other people, hostels may not be the right choice for you. However, staff usually work to keep them fairly clean. They will be used frequently though so you may be standing in line at peak times.

Hostels aren’t for everyone but if you enjoy meeting a lot of people, saving money, and being close to where you need to be in the cities you are traveling to, hostels may just be the right choice for your next destination. Try to find one if you think you want to try it out.

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