How to Travel with a Baby on an Airplane

How to Travel with a Baby on an Airplane

It can be stressful to travel with a baby in tow, and even more so by plane. However, if you know the right ways to go about how to travel by plane with a baby, it not only makes it much easier on you and your baby, but also other travelers. Let’s look at the steps you can take to make traveling by plane easier if you are traveling with a young one.

Let the Airline Know


If the airline knows up front that you are traveling with a baby, they can better situate your seating. Sometimes there are certain seats that you need when using safety seats for a baby, or you need to sit closer to the infant life vests. It is also important that you not be seated in an emergency exit row. If your seating arrangements are properly arranged before you travel, it can make plane travel much easier on the family as well as the airline personnel who are helping passengers to board the plane.

Be Polite


Once you are on your way, you need to make sure that you are polite to other passengers. If you are getting up to change a diaper or to grab something from a diaper bag, make sure that you are apologizing for the constant interruptions. If your baby is upset and is disrupting other passengers, make sure that you are apologizing for it. A “sorry” goes a long way to keep other passengers from getting upset.

Have Help with You or Get Help from Others


If you don’t have help with you in the form of other family members, it is okay to ask airline personnel for help. After all, it is their job to make sure you get to your final destination as conveniently as possible. However, if you are asking airline or airport workers for help, a tip is always appreciated.

Pack Accordingly & Plan Ahead


You will want to make sure that you have plenty of your baby’s favorites on hand. Snacks, bottles, toys, etc. will go a long way toward keeping them happy on a long trip. However, some trips don’t go as planned and can take longer. Always plan for the unexpected and have extra… just in case.

Baby Care in Flight


Some other passengers are going to get upset if they see you changing your baby’s diaper mid-flight. If you need to do this, ask a family member traveling with you to hold up your baby’s blanket so that other passengers are subjected to seeing it. The same goes for breastfeeding if it is necessary on longer flights. 

Buy Your Baby a Seat


If your baby is under a certain age, most airlines will allow you to hold them in your lap. This saves money, but it might not be the best choice. Over time this will get uncomfortable for both you and the baby. If you buy them their own seat, you can properly set up their safety seat and let them relax or even sleep for much of the flight.

Traveling by plane with a baby can be stressful but it can be done, and the stress can be minimized if you follow the guide above.

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