How to Travel to Australia

How to Travel to Australia

Do you want to travel to the Land Down Under? Unless you are coming from New Zealand or Indonesia, it’s no easy task getting to Australia. So if you are looking to see some kangaroos, surf some great beaches and explore all the great things that Australia has to offer, then you need to check out this short guide on how to travel to Australia

It’s Far, Very Far


Australia is not just on the other side of the world for many people, it is also very far south. So you have two obstacles to overcome there. Don’t think you can just travel for the weekend because it can take a few days even if you are traveling there directly. Give yourself a week at least, but more if possible. The other problem you are going to have to fight is the killer jet lag of crossing ten or so time zones.  

It is Massive


Maps don’t really tell the full story about the size of countries. In general, there is a tendency of maps to exaggerate the size of countries in the northern hemisphere and underestimate the size of ones in the southern hemisphere. As a comparison, Australia is nearly the same size as the continental United States so you need to target an area you are trying to go to. For this reason, don’t think it is going to be just a short drive between cities on the Gold Coat. 

Getting There Doesn’t Have to Be Overly Expensive


Pay attention to airfares. Skyscanner is a great way to price out flights and see your options. If you are booking far advance, though, be sure to check out Hopper. Airfares constantly go up and down, Hopper can tell you when the best time to buy is for the best value. Finally, get some local advice. Frequent international travelers to Australia can clue you in on the best airlines and when they might have tickets on sale. 

Hooray! No Visa!


Most travelers from Europe, North America and several other countries do not have to worry about getting a visa. For this reason, it is also a good place to do visa runs if you are spending a good amount of time in Indonesia. Not only this, Australia has a pretty open work-visa program should you decide that you want to spend a long time there.

Although it might not be the easiest place to get to, there are a ton of reasons why you will end up loving Australia. Whether it is the unique plants and animals, friendly and open culture, or the fantastic cities, you will have an excellent time. So what are you going to do when you get there? Let us know in the comments below!

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