How to Sail Around the World

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How to Sail Around the World

Ferdinand Magellan was the first person to lead an expedition around the world back in 1521. He unfortunately did not live to see the end of his journey, but his crew carried on. Nearly five hundred years later, people still dream of copying this adventure. Well if you are trying to learn how to sail around the world then you have come the right place. 

You Need Time

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The first people to successfully circumnavigate the globe took years to do it. Nowadays, it does take that long, but you have to be ready for some unexpected delays. With GPS technology, weather forecasting and a host of other technologies, it is possible to avoid danger. However, these things can still delay you and force you to stay in one place for some time. 

Solo or Group

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This is greatly going to influence the cost of your journey. There are plenty of benefits to traveling alone, but if this is the case, you will likely have to purchase you own vessels along with all the other associated equipment. If you travel with a group of friends then you can split the cost among them all. There are also companies who can take you around the globe and they have various package rates. 

Plan Your Route

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When and where you start can greatly effect this. Seasons determine so much about sailing from dealing with ice in the north, to trade winds further south to everything in between. With the right planning, you can create a route that will allow you to travel most of the planet during the ideal seasons along the way to make you ride as smooth as possible. 

Be Ready for Anything

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Preparation is the name of the game, but you will likewise have to expect the unexpected. Even with advanced technology, it is difficult to plan when there might be a sudden storm surge or other surprise. Likewise as you travel from port to port, you never know who you may encounter. Common sense prevails, just make sure you have a little flexibility to go along with it. 

Enjoy the Journey

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Don’t try to be a record breaker. Unless you have some serious funding behind you, then there is no way you can break the current 45 day record. Also that really isn’t the point of this kind of trip. Take your time to explore regions that only those with sailing prowess can see. Traveling by boat is a unique way to see the world as the explorers once did and you should relish that. 

Now that you know how to sail around the world, you are ready to get out there and experience something truly unique. The water, the waves and the stars will be your guide on a truly epic adventure. So the only question left answer is where do you stop first?

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