How to Plan a Trip Around the U.S.

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How to Plan a Trip Around the U.S.

Everybody loves road trips. They are a way to break out of our local lives and see the country. Whether you are driving, taking trains or flying, we can help you learn how to plan a trip around the U.S.


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This is the biggest factor that determine where you will go. Just because you do not have a large budget, does not mean you can’t see a lot of places. If you can book advance and use websites like Skyscanner, you can find some pretty sweet deals.


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This is the second most important thing. It’s often hard for people to get enough time off to take a proper vacation. So when they do, they often try to do too much. A good trip is about quality not quantity. You do not want to be constantly on the move. Choose a few spots and allow yourself some time to relax in between.

Mode of Transportation

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When people think of traveling around the US usually road trips are what come to mind. They are the best way to see many places and have the freedom to choose where you want to go. Then again, time is always a critical factor so it can also be a good idea to combine methods such as flying somewhere then renting a car.

Research Your Destination

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There are many places in America that insanely popular. For example, even though Yosemite National Park is massive, you’ll have to do a good amount of work to get some privacy there in the summer. If that does not bother you, it’s fine but be sure to check when places are popular. These days, Google can answer that very quickly.

Do What the Locals Do

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Think about the most popular places with tourists in your town. Most towns with something to see usually feature hosts of mediocre restaurants, bars, and so on the tourists flock to in droves. You would likely never go to these places in your city so try to get a little information about where the locals go. The web makes things a lot easier, but a good rule of thumb if you’re looking for somewhere good to eat is to ask a taxi driver. They always know the best spots.

Get Equipped

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Make sure you have the right tools! Maps and guidebooks are fine, but in the age of smart phones, they are really just extra weight. Use websites like WikiTravel to find out the scoop on places. Also Maps.me is an excellent app that allows you to have offline GPS and directions in case you get lost in the back woods.

Traveling is all about the unexpected. It is a great time for us to see new things and have an adventure of a lifetime. So request that vacation time, grab a few friends and hit the road!

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