How to Pack a Garment Bag

Step by step
How to Pack a Garment Bag

Using a garment bag can save a lot of headache if you are traveling for business and need your business attire to be neat and pressed when you arrive at your destination. You don’t want to have to spend time and money once you get there getting your clothes ready for your meetings and presentations. If they are ready to go, then so are you. A garment bag is the answer… if you know how to use it. This guide will show you just how to pack a garment bag so that you can be ready to go once you arrive at your destination.

Set Out Your Clothes

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Not all garment bags are created equal. Not all of them will hold the same amount of clothes. Make sure that everything you need to pack into it will fit by setting out the clothes that you need for the trip and making a test fit. Then setting them all out. Make sure you have everything you need. Double check the list of your meetings, presentations, or other events and that you have something for each.

Press or Iron (if needed)


If your clothes need it, press or iron them so that they are perfect before going into the garment bag. The better they go into the bag, the better they will come out once you get to your destination, so make them look the way you want them to when you get there.

Determine Proper Order

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If you know which order you will wear the garments in when you get there, you can hang them in that order in the garment bag so you don’t have to fish through the garments once they are hung. You take the one in the front for your first event. You take the next one for your next event and so on. This saves a lot of time at your destination.

Hang Them Properly

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Some garment bags have hangers built into them so you will use those hangers. Sometimes you use your own hangers and hang them on hooks or loops inside the garment bag. Whichever the case, make sure the garments are hung properly and carefully. The more time you take to make sure the garments are perfect now, the less time you have to take once you get there and you want to be able to dress and go, saving time.

Check Everything Over

zipper clothes

Make sure all zippers are zipped, buttons are fastened, and loops are hung over the hangers properly. By doing this, you know that everything will stay secure on their hangers in the garment bag while you are traveling to your destination. When they stay secure, they will stay looking pristine so you can look sharp.

Garment bags save a lot of time at your destination if you take the time to pack them properly before you leave. It takes some practice to get it right but once you get the hang of it these can be a lifesaver and you will wish you had used one sooner.

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