How to Move Abroad

Step by step
How to Move Abroad

Everybody gets the urge at least once in his or her life to live in another country. There is a romance to moving abroad and it allows you to see new places, meet new people and really experience the world. Although it has never been easier to do, this short guide will help you learn how to move abroad so that you are prepared to go anywhere.

Do Some Research

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When you have an adventure, it is always good to have room surprises, but you definitely want to have at least some idea about where you are going. It helps if you have been there before so you have some basic familiarity with it. If not, no big deal. Google and YouTube are your friend. For basically any country, there are videos made by expats who can give you a good idea what life is like there.

How are You Going to Support Yourself

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By now you hopefully have gotten your passport. That should go without saying. You also need to think about finances. Are you planning on working there? Or do you have some money put aside? Start looking for and applying for jobs in advance so you can hit the ground running.

Visa, visa, visa!

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It does not matter where you are from or where you are going to live. If you plan on staying somewhere for extended period of time and possibly working then you will need a visa. Most employers will sponsor a work visa, but see what you paperwork you might need such as fingerprint copies or a background check. Also, many people get by living in different countries just by doing periodic visa runs to another country and back.

Get A Little Local Language


Unless you planning on living in one of the seven primary English speaking countries, it will definitely help you to speak the local tongue. Apps like Duolingo and Memrise can get you covered on most languages so you at least have some of the basics by the time you get there.


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International transaction fees are a traveler’s worst nightmare. Usually they are about 3% of a transaction and that can add up quickly. Look into getting a travel card that with no international fees and rewards you for purchases. Likewise, Charles Schwab offers a checking account with no international fees so you can use a debit card abroad without getting punished for it.

Erase Your Expectations

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Even if you have already been to a country several times before you move there, living and traveling are two very different things. Once you get into the swing of normal life, things will be much different. Be open-minded and flexible, you will be happier in the long run.

Living abroad is such an excellent experience that if you have the opportunity you really shouldn’t pass it up. So where are you going to go?

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