How To Keep Safe while Hiking

Step by step
How To Keep Safe while Hiking

Hiking in the mountains (whether alone or with your loved ones) helps you relax, appreciate nature and escape from reality for a day. To ensure you can enjoy your journey without any unpleasant surprises or accidents, we created a step-by-step on how to keep safe in the mountains with aspects that you should consider before starting your trip.

Before planning: make sure that you are physically ready for the trip. Don’t try to go on a route that you know will be too long or exhausting for you. Knowing your own limits will help you truly relax and have fun while hiking!

The Perfect Shoes

hiking shoes on pebble

Choosing the right clothing items, and especially shoes is the very first essential part of preparing. Uncomfortable shoes can easily ruin any trip in the mountains, so wear a pair that is designed for outdoor adventures. Depending on the length and intensity of the hiking, you can either wear light trainers (for shorter journeys) or hiking boots if you are going on a long trip.

Wear Layered Clothing

woman hiking backpack

The weather in the mountains can be quite sassy, especially if you are planning to be outdoors all day. To feel comfortable throughout the day, wear different layers – a T-shirt, a warm sweater and a light jacket will give you various options to take off or add another layer anytime.

Be Prepared

map with pins int it

Plan the route and bring the map with you to ensure you won’t get lost, even if it gets darker. Besides bringing a map, also pack a few essentials, such as sunscreen, a bottle of water and a snack with you. Hydrating and keeping your body energized is one of the most important aspects while hiking.

Pay Attention to Your Body

girl on mountain hiking backpack

Don’t test your limits and push too hard while hiking: If you feel exhausted or uncomfortable, find a safe place to sit down and rest for a while. Hydrate yourself, get a quick snack and stay relaxed for 15-20 minutes before you continue your trip.

Bring a First Aid Kit

first aid kit

Bring a first-aid kit with you, so in case of an accident, you have a solution right away. Be careful with small cuts and burns, and if you get injured, take care of it immediately to avoid infections.

Let Your Friends Know About Your Trip

girl with hat on hiking

In case you are going for a longer adventure alone, make sure at least one of your loved ones or friends knows about the route and when you are expected to get home.

Before Leaving…

Check if you have everything you need, and instead of overpacking, only bring the essentials: a bottle of water, a few snacks, a small first-aid kit, a map and compass, and you are good to go. You can enjoy your adventure while staying safe in the mountains if you pay attention to your body and prepare before starting your journey.

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