How to Keep a Travel Journal

Do you want to keep a record of the memories you make while traveling, and not just through the pictures you take? Photos only tell so much. There’s always a story behind them. A travel journal can tell that story. But there’s also a story to tell before and after the trip, not just during. Here is the best way on how to keep a travel journal.

Before Your Trip

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  • The Planning Stage

You can write about everything that has to do with planning your trip. Are you deciding where to go? Once you decide, what places are you thinking of visiting? In what order? How will you get there? Where will you stay? Why? You can write all of this down.

  • Imaging Your Trip

Everyone day dreams about their trips before they actually get there. You can write down all of those thoughts in your travel journal. It’s always fun to compare the day dreams to the reality once you actually get there. Usually the actual trip is so much better than you imagined.

During Your Trip

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  • Your Experiences

You always want to remember your experiences so write about them. Write about what you saw. Always write about how you felt about what you saw and experienced as well. Did you meet locals or fellow travelers?

  • Add Photos

Take photos and don’t forget to stick them right onto the pages of your travel journal so they match up with what you are writing about the experiences you have. It’s important to both see and read about what you’ve done while on your trips, no matter where your trips take you.

After Your Trip

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  • What You Remember

Is your memory of your trip once you get home as vivid as when you were there? How do you feel about your trip now that you are home? Would you like to go back? What was the best place you visited? Who do you remember most out of all of the people you met along the way? What sticks out the most in your memory? Write about it.

  • Where Are You Going Next

Everyone who gets back from a trip has the itch to go on another. Where do you want to go on the next one? Someplace similar or someplace really different? Do you want to go on a longer trip or a shorter one? Would you like to go on a trip alone or perhaps with someone else? A group of people? Start day dreaming about your next trip so you have plenty of ideas when you start the whole process over and start planning in your travel journal.

Keeping a travel journal can be a great experience. Not only can you go back and read through the pages and see your beautiful pictures but it is something that generations to come can read through and travel the world through your eyes. They can experience every aspect of traveling and not just the destination itself.

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