How to Have a Family Vacation

How to Have a Family Vacation

Vacations are the most unforgettable parts of our year. Think about when you were a kid. Chances are your remember that time your family went to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone. If you are ready to start building fond memories then you should check out this guide on how to have a family vacation. 

Time it Out


As fun as traveling with our families can be, they do take a little more time than perhaps traveling solo would be. When you are thinking about where you are going to go and the distances you are going to travel, always add extra time. There are going to be stops along the way, detours, and all kinds of things so be ready for that. 

Choose Your Location


This is the big question: do you keep things a surprise or plan things together? There are advantages to each. If you choose to go with the second option, then definitely let the kids help plan some of the places you go, it will help them feel included and teach them research and other skills. 

How Will You Travel


This is a serious consideration. Planes are quick, but everybody knows how difficult airports are. Road trips are fun, but can stressful on the driver. Think about what works best for you as the driver and leader of your family squad. 

Do Some Research


Everybody goes to the same places: Disneyland, Washington D.C. even the Grand Canyon. Try to find something unique for your family to do. There is a wealth of resources available on the Internet for you to use. 

Keep the Kids Entertained


This is for your own sanity. Maybe you can remember from when you were kid, asking "are we there yet? a million times to your parents. You need to find a way for the kids to keep busy during the long stretches. Try for it not just to be some video games, but a combination of activities that stimulate their brains and maybe help them learn some things about where they are going and what they see along the way. 

Now you are ready for that perfect family vacation. So where do you think you will go? Let us know in the comments! 

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