How to Find Cheap Flights

Best 5 Tips

Finding cheap flights is all about flexibility. The more things you're willing to be flexible about, the more options you will have which means a better chance of getting a great deal

Here are some tips for how to find cheap flights.

Tip #1 - Check Different Airlines


Fares for different airlines can be drastically different even for the same route. Make sure to compare multiple airlines. Also, don't assume that a budget airline will always be the best. Occasionally, some of the bigger airlines will actually have lower prices, especially if they are struggling to fill up a flight.

Tip #2 - Change the Day or Time you are Flying


If you can alter your departure date, this can drastically alter your cost.  Avoid flying on the weekends if possible as these flights tend to be very expensive.  Flying right before or after a holiday can also be more expensive. Airlines raise or lower prices based on demand, so flying when there is less demand gives you an advantage.

Keep an eye on the cheapest days and times to fly. Generally, Tuesdays are the cheapest with weekends being the most expensive. Flying at night can also be considerably cheaper than flying in the morning.

Tip #3 - Consider Using Hidden Cities


This has just recently become a very popular way to save money on flights. Here is basically how it works: You want to fly from Virginia to Chicago, Illinois but the cheapest flight you can find for that route is $400. But there is a flight from Virginia to Wyoming that has a layover in Chicago, but because the final destination is Wyoming (far less popular than Chicago) the ticket price is only $200. So, you take the flight to Wyoming and just get off at the layover.

Just keep in mind when using hidden cities, you will not have the option to check any luggage. This is because airlines do not unload luggage at layover cities, so you have to fit everything in a carry-on.

Tip #4 - Check Out Nearby Airports


Of course, the most convenient thing to do is fly out of the airport nearest to you and fly into airports closest to your destination. But, if you are willing to deal with the inconvenience, you can use a nearby airport and save money.

A nearby airport may have the flight you need at a lower rate. While it is sometimes only a small savings and not worth the hassle, other times the savings can be substantial. This is because you may find a budget airline that flies out of a nearby airport but not your preferred airport.

Tip #5 - Use Sites like Skiplagged to Find the Best Price


When it comes to finding the best-priced flight, sites like skiplagged do the work for you. You simply type in your location and your destination and it will search the best price flights for you. It will include a variety of different airlines and even include hidden city deals.

You can compare your options and decide which is best for you based on the price, airline, number of layovers etc.

So if you're unwilling to budge on any of those aspects, you will probably not be able to get a lower rate. But if you are, you can pay as little as half.

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