How to Do a Home Exchange Holiday

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How to Do a Home Exchange Holiday

Have you heard about this new trend called house-swapping or home exchange holidays? This is a great way to travel and see the world where you spend your vacation in someone else’s home while they spend theirs in your home. Novel concept, right? On your vacation, you have a whole home at your disposal instead of just a hotel room that may be cramped and just have the necessities for sleeping while you are left to find meals and whatnot elsewhere. Nothing like having the comfort of home while vacationing. If this sounds like a great deal to you, this is what you need to know about how to do a house-swapping or home exchange holiday.

Search for the Right Exchange Site

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There are websites now dedicated only to linking the right homeowners together so they can find the right houses in the right locations on the right dates for their home exchange holidays. If you like the houses that you visit, you may even decide to visit again and you can start a great friendship with the homeowners you swap with.

Get to Know Your Swap Guests

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It is important to know who will be staying in your home. By knowing them a bit before they get there you can understand why they are there. Are they there on vacation, to have a medical procedure done, or visiting other family in the area? You don’t know unless you get to know them. Knowing them a bit also makes them feel a bit more responsible for your belongings in your home.

Set Ground Rules

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Having ground rules for the use of your home is important because you want to make sure they know how and when they can use the hot tub or the pool, what the rules are with the food in the kitchen or any vehicles you have, the use of the electronics, etc.

Ready Your Home

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It’s important to have your home clean and ready for your guests. Have clean linens on the beds. Make sure the kitchen is fresh with a plate of cookies or other pastries out to welcome them to your home. Make your home as inviting as possible because for a short time it will be their home as well.

Enjoy Your Home Exchange!

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While they are busy enjoying their vacation and your home, you will be enjoying their home on your vacation so it is important to get the most out of your vacation as possible. Make sure you treat their home as they are treating yours – with respect. Make sure you leave their home just as nice as they left it to you.

A house-swapping or home exchange holiday can be quite different than a regular hotel stay and isn’t for everyone but if you enjoyed your first one you will most likely want to try another one. Who knows, you might just be hooked after a few home exchange holidays, so get the most out of those exchange sites and get to know new people and new places!

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