How to Book a Motel

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How to Book a Motel

You can make your money last longer on a trip by staying at a motel. You will be spending most of your time at various attractions instead of in the room anyway so why spend a lot of money on plush room amenities anyway? Motels offer convenient locations, lower prices, and the basic amenities you need while on a trip no matter the reason you are traveling. How you need to know how to book a motel.

Search Your Desired Location

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By searching online in your desired trip location, you can find motels in the area. A simple search engine result can net you dozens of results that can begin your search for the right motel for your stay. If you use a map feature for your search, you can find a motel close to the places you will be visiting.

Research the Websites of the Motels You Find

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The websites will give you more details on the rates they offer if you book online, more details about the location and what attractions are close by as well as if they offer discounts to those attractions if you stay at the motel, and what amenities they offer such as free Wi-Fi or a free continental breakfast for guests.

Call for Rates

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Sometimes a motel will have specials on rates for certain days so if your plans can be flexible, you might want to call to see what those specials are if they don’t have anything listed online. They also might have better rates if you book over the phone versus online or vice versa so it’s best to call to find the best way to book once you find the hotel that is best for your stay.

Determine Dates

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If your plans are flexible and you don’t have to be there on exact dates, you might want to look and when would be the cheapest time to stay at the motel or the cheapest time to visit the attractions. Staying during a holiday will be more expensive and so will staying on weekends.

Enjoy Your Trip!

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Travel safe and enjoy your trip whether you are staying on business, for a family vacation, for a church group, or for something else. Even if your trip is required, there’s no saying you can’t do a little sightseeing or visit a local attraction while you are there so look around and see what’s there.

Staying in a motel can make your trip more convenient with a location that is close to where you need to be as well as close to transportation if you will be using public transportation. You can save money on your accommodation costs, especially if your trip is longer, or you can extend your trip by saving money on accommodations. And you can still get the basic amenities you need if you find the right motel such as free in-room Wi-Fi and a continental breakfast. Plan to stay in a motel for your next trip.

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