How To Be A Travel Blogger

How To Be A Travel Blogger

Constantly travelling, taking images and sharing your experiences… being a travel blogger sounds like the absolute dream job! If you are adventurous and daring with a creative flare and would like to learn more about how to become a travel blogger, we’ve got the perfect tips for you to start.


Budget Planning


Starting a travel blog will definitely come with expenses, but think of it as an investment. Make a list of all the places you would like to go and discover, and try to calculate the expenses. Include plane tickets, hotel room prices, tourist attraction fees, food and other expenses to get an estimate budget of your travels.

Exciting Destinations


Get a mix of well-known places and hidden treasure chests. While the well-known places will attract readers who want to get more information on famous cities, the less popular areas will make your blog stand out from the crowd. Instead of obvious choices, do your homework and discover places that aren’t that popular yet!

Great Quality Images


Don’t forget that you will need to have a good camera as well, which might add more expenses to your list if you don’t already own one. Besides having the right equipment, it’s also important to learn more about photography before starting out as a travel blogger to know all the right angles and tricks to nature photography.

Interesting Content


Besides the photos, make sure that your post is actually worth reading. Share tips and tricks, be honest and make sure your travel blog has its own, personal voice that people can fall in love with.

New Perspective


Once you are at a new place, make sure to discover it as much as possible. Talk to locals, visit food markets, taste their traditional alcohol, search for places no one knows about – sounds fun, right?

Consistent Blog Calendar


You can easily get lost during all the travelling, but to ensure you have a plan and that you are on time with your posts and content, create a monthly or weekly blog calendar and stick to it. If you are on the road all the time, you might find it difficult to create content and post all the time, so try to ensure you have a schedule.

Join an Agency


If you’d rather join a travel magazine or a travel agency rather than starting your own blog, start your application process by building up a travel portfolio. Show your talent in various aspects from travel photography to content creating and editing to have a good chance at getting the job. Show them why you’d make a great travel blogger!

Besides having fun on the road, being a travel blogger can become a well-paid opportunity as well. Once you gain an audience and keep attracting readers, you can team up for promotions with travel agencies or add ads to your blog/vlog to monetise your content and make travel blogging a full time job.

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