Everything You Need To Know About Google Maps

Everything You Need To Know About Google Maps

Whether you are lost and in desperate need of an instant solution or would like to plan a long trip on your computer, Google Maps is there to help you find the easiest ways. Although using Google Maps can be a bit tricky (even if you’ve been experimenting with it for a while), we gathered all the small details and tips to help you use Google Maps quickly and efficiently.

The Short History & Development of Google Maps

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Launched in 2005, Google Maps was created with the aim to offer different mapping services to Google users. With the satellite street image technology, you can not only plan trips and get super quick access to any map and route, but also have the opportunity to get panoramic street views.

After various changes and improvements, Google Maps started working together with different smartphone softwares and started creating the mobile application in 2007. There are various competitors (such as Bing Maps, Map Box and Apple Map), Google Maps is definitely the most popular web and mobile mapping service out there at the moment.

The Most Important Features

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The three most helpful (and most used) features of Google Maps are the ability planning trips and discovering new areas, with many other options.

  1. Because Google Maps works with real-time updates, it gives you accurate time estimates, public transport, bike, walking or car drive routes and automatic re-routing in case of accidents or traffic changes.
  2. As Google Maps is a detailed service that has access to public transport timetables and traffic information, it not only plans your route, but also ensures you get there as fast as possible, without any unpleasant surprises. Whether you are just trying to get to a new restaurant in your town by public transport or planning to escape from the world and go for a road trip, Google Maps has the solution for you. The offline map services give you the chance to navigate yourself and find the right route, even without wifi or mobile internet connection.
  3. Besides planning trips, Google Maps also gives you an easy access to exploring new areas. Besides the satellite street view (that allows you to see any street just like you were walking there), Google Maps has a large database of restaurants, local sites, museums and every public place you could need or should know about. With this feature, especially combined with the route planning, Google Maps definitely comes in handy during holidays.

Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

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  • When it comes to planning a trip, you can easily add more stops (by clicking on the “Add Stops” option at the right corner while planning)
  • Check your journey details and history at myactivity.google.com if you need a quick reminder of your past routes and directions
  • With “Lite Mode”, you can make Google Maps work on slower computers as well (if you are in desperate need of help with your weekend cottage’s old computer)
  • If you are an expert of your area, you can become a Local Guide to review places and earn points (in exchange of exclusive Google discounts and perks)
  • Besides Google Maps, you can also check out Google Moon and Google Mars for exciting satellite images

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